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we provide the solution for asset management

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“A Last Hope Place” aims to aware people regarding how to improve their life status, financial status, relationship status, job status, business status, etc.

In this, we will be guiding and creating awareness among people on various subjects mentioned in the above windows through our various seminars and workshops. This platform will  guide and tell you about different ways of earning money besides  job and business (i.e. Passive Income). We will  guide people who want to start their own business or  start-ups (something new and innovative).It is for those who want to learn about how to invest their money in share markets, etc. (where only a few people are able to take benefit due to the lack of knowledge) so that they can make their own wealth and can grow exponentially.

In this we will not only be telling you the simplest ways of how to invest your money in the market but also help and make you aware how to invest your money in the market. This platform will also help you to fulfill your dreams through our guidance and support.

We will put each individual under a proper process of improvement (which involves your honesty and hard work along with our guidance and support) so that you can explore your talent and skills to excel in life.

Our first window “Secret in your Name, DOB and You” is a window for those who want to know which field they should pursue for their career or business which they can undertake with maximum success guarantee.

In this division we will be also be dealing in the Counselling part which includes :-

  • Job Counselling
  • Business Counselling
  • Relationship (Depression, Mood Swings, Quality time, Understanding, etc.) Counselling
  • Students Counselling etc.

We will be awaring people working in corporate sector regarding the problems faced by them in team handling, team work co-ordination, lack of product knowledge, branding of product, sales and marketing of product etc.

There are many ways to improve your personality but what type of personality should you possess according to your profession? That’s the question.

Here, on this platform you will be given guidance and support through various Seminars and Workshops under the guidance of our Team of Experts.


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